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Monday, May 9, 2011

What a Weekend!

We have had the BEST, busiest weekend.  The only thing that was missing was our DADDY.  The poor guy is still working.  Even yesterday (Mother's Day) he didn't get home until 11:30 p.m. 
On Saturday we had Braxton's birthday party at the Wheeler Dam park.  Sunday, we had Willa's party at Delano Park in Decatur.  EXCELLENT park!!!  AMAZING playground!  I bet we go back to this one!  But, it was sooo hot!  The girls ended up wearing no pants for most of the day!  After the party we went to Big Bob Gibson's for lunch, then headed to Granny's house for some Cinnamon Butter roll.  YUMMMM!  After we got home Big came over and had Jordyn with her.  So we played while I had some brownies baking.  When they were done, we went to eat brownies and ice cream with Tiffany and her mom, Angela.  Angela became Saylor's new buddy.  =)  It was a wonderful Mother's Day!!  I started it with cake and ended with brownies!! and lots of INCREDIBLE people mixed in between! 

Saturday at Braxton's party.

Braxton with his cake.  There was a zero chance for rain and wouldn't ya know it...this is when the rain started!  We just headed into the pavillion. =)

Charlee in Cameron's cool hat.

Saylor grabbed Mandy's phone so she could "talk" to Daddy.

Brooklyn and Saylor matched =)

BATHTIME!! Daddy got home early (7:30) on Saturday night!

Sunday at Willa's party!
Her cake =)

OK everybody look at the camera!

We're singing "Happy Birthday" here.  Willa's smile is so sweet!

This picture is precious to me!

Tillman just chillin' on a turtle.

On our way home from Granny's.  It was about 3:30 and this was their only nap.  They were worn out!

On Big's tractor with Jordyn!  FUN, FUN!

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