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Friday, May 13, 2011

Kind of a BIG UH OH!!

So, I really messed up!  On Sunday when I was done taking pictures of the kiddos on the tractor I put the camera on the hood.  I know, I know!  I know better and every time I'd go in the house to check on those delicious brownies I would tell myself to take the camera with me.  Well, I didn't and when Shirley left on the tractor, the camera fell off!  UH OH!! You can only imagine my devastation!!!!!!!!!!! Well, everything was working perfectly until last night and all of a sudden it's decided to not focus on anything...hopefully it's just the lens and we won't have to buy a whole new camera, but I'm sure we will.  =(  So, here are the last few pictures I was able to capture on our camera.

Loving our new kitchen and the girls have their own drawers.

 We got new Doodles!!  I can already tell that Saylor's gonna be our little artist. 

Daddy and his girls.  This is where the camera started dying...

 This was today!!!  =(  

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