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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Catching up...

Sorry for the delay in updating.  Well, we've put the potties away for now.  They both did really well for about a day and a half, but that was just about it.  I'll try it again next month.  But, at least we tried.  We had a confirmed EF-1 tornado come through our area on Wednesday night.  I stayed up to watch the weather because we knew it was coming, Brent had just fallen asleep and I woke him up so we could go get the girls because the weatherman said we had about 10 minutes until it got to us and we needed to stay away from windows.  As we were getting the girls and looking for the flashlight it hit.  We have an alarm on our house so when a door or window opens a beep sounds.  WELL, the winds were so strong it caused to beeping to happen over and over.  It was sucking to doors and windows that much!  SCARY!  We stayed in the girls' bathroom with the bean bags around us, but we knew it was over.  It took a little while for the girls to get back asleep after that, but I'll always wake them up to get them away from any harm.  After we layed them down Brent went outside to check everything out (in the pouring rain).  We had some roof damage and EVERYTHING in our back yard was strewn.  Nothing that happened to us even comes close to comparing to the April 27th damage that so many people experienced.  We're blessed and so fortunate that only our roof was messed up. 
On a happy note, Brent was off ALL weekend for Memorial Day.  We hadn't really gotten to see him for a month and it was so nice having him here.  We were able to get our extra garage cleaned out!!!!  IF YOU COULD've ONLY SEEN IT!!!!  Needless to say, we can walk in there now and not worry about breaking any bones!  =)  We also needed to get it done because we're ready to TRY to sell our house.  We're busting at the seams with these two cuties and we're ready to build our second house.  We decided on a plan a while ago and it's perfect!  I've been looking at paint colors forever!  I'm sure we'll wait to talk to a realtor after the roof gets fixed and we do a few more things inside, but we're ready.  Or at least I am!  =)

Isn't this just the SWEETEST!?!?

"O" no!  Guess what's missing!

 Because of the storms on Wednesday, Kimberly didn't have power (Mama and Daddy didn't either).  Nick's sister was graduating from LCHS on Friday and they needed to get ready so they came to our house.  Ava had fun playing with the girls, but she was afraid to move her head because her Mama would've killed her if she messed up her hair!  =)  JUST KIDDING, KIMBERLY!  ;)

On Memorial Day we were invited to Uncle Brad and Aunt Gwen's house.  These are the people who bought Mama and Daddy's house that's close to Bonnertown in Lexington.  We just kind of became family with them.  This was the first time I had been there since they bought it.  I must say it was one of the strangest feelings driving there and then pulling into the driveway and then walking in and seeing all the changes but still knowing that that was our house at one time.  So weird, but so nice, too!  =)

Look how sweet and innocent she looks...

 Oh, sweet Willa!

 Saylor loves to shake hands!  =)

 Charlee and Granny

There's that sweet, innocent face again.  NO, not you Mandy!  =)

 That morning when we were getting ready at home I told Brent I wish I could braid my hair.  He offered, but we've been there before and I didn't want to try again. =)  So, Mandy was trying to tell Kimberly how she braided her hair that day and I was their "dummy".  (i know some of you wouldn't have put those quotations for me...hehehehe)  So, then Kimberly braided my hair like the good 'ol days.  If my was ever braided in high school, Kimberly was the one who had done it. 

 This is the outdoor kitchen that Brad and Gwen added.  IT's AMAZING!!!

 This is our old house. 

 Our family picture at home with all our flag shirts.


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