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Friday, May 6, 2011

Lovely Ladies ;)

As I was uploading these pictures on here I realized how UNlady-like most of these are.  Oh well!  They sure are cute!

Saylor got her first boo-boo.  "SEE?"  She fell on the concrete outside and didn't even flinch.  She's tough.

These next two are especially lovely.

Charlee and Saylor LOVE to brush their teeth! 

This is an Elmo Easter basket.  Adorable!

Here is little miss priss who NEVER wants to get messy...or so I thought until her new favorite became peanut butter and jelly.  She's so funny about eating these and ALWAYS asks for the rag to be wiped up when she's done.

 Here's a cake I did today for my very good friend, Alisha's sister.  She just had the sweetest little baby girl, Braylee Kate. 

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