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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

This Christmas was a bittersweet one.  Brent's grandmother, Mrs. Reba Trousdale, passed away on Christmas Eve morning.  She was an amazing woman.  Words can't even begin to describe how much she'll be missed.

Santa Claus was very good to Charlee and Saylor!  I hope Brent and I can always remember how FULL OF JOY our two sweeties were on Christmas morning!  I know that it'll only get better over the next few years, but this year was PRECIOUS!!! 
Hanging our key for Santa on the door.  (Thank you, Aunt Mandy!)

Putting out our reindeer food in the front yard.  My students got to make these during our Christmas party.  They wanted to be sure that Charlee and Saylor had some, too.  =)

We baked special cookies for Santa with the m&m's he gave us when we saw him a couple weeks ago.

Christmas morning!!!!  This was their initial reaction...what is all this and can we touch it???

WOODY from Toy Story!

WOODY talks!!!!!

Saylor kept saying "I want another one".  =)


and the final gift was waiting outside.......Cadillac Escalades!

After we opened our gifts from Santa we headed over to Big's house to eat breakfast and open more presents.

Sweet Addyson with her Alabama elephant hat.

Shirley's good friend, Town Creek.

Tiffany and me opening our gifts.  We always decide to open our presents at the same time.  =) 

Brent opening his presents from Shirley.

Corey and Jordyn.

Singing and dancing with their new Elmo and Mickey Mouse.

Eating breakfast AGAIN before we go home.  =)

So happy with Big!

After Big's, we all get together with Pops and Mimi G!  This year we did it at our house.

All the kiddos waiting for presents.

Tiffany and me again. 

Danny and Belinda opening gifts.

One last drive for the day...

Saylor just wanted her Cozy Coupe...little stinker!  =)

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