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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

We Are Big Girls Now!

We started potty training today!  We've decided to do the 3 day method and it seems that we've got it down in just one day!   I knew the girls were ready, but they've exceeded my expectations by leaps and bounds!  We're doing a sticker-reward chart for every time they have a success (pictures soon).  Charlee had 1 and 2 half accidents today and Saylor had 2 accidents.  All of this happened within the first 2 hours of us starting and the rest of the time went AWESOME!  They both even poo-pood! ! !=)  Those get frog stickers!  (Ya gotta do whatcha gotta do)!  We'll see how the night goes.  They're in a pull-up, but they wore big girl panties ALL DAY! ! ! ! !  We are so, SO , so proud of our big girls!!!

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