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Monday, January 16, 2012


Life has been all kinds of crazy since my last post.  The girls have been sick pretty much since Christmas with ear infections (Charlee) and the croup (Saylor).  I used to think that the croup was just a different way to say that a kid had a cold...The croup is NOT just another word for a cold!  It's viscious!  This also makes our sweeties not sleep very well and so during Christmas when Brent and I were off work and they would cry out in the night we would just bring them to our bed and we would all sleep.  Welllll, you can imagine how hard it was for them to not want to get back into Mama and Daddy's bed when they were getting better and life went back to normal with us going to work.  This was a MAJOR struggle and I hadn't got much sleep until just this weekend.  I titled this "CHANGES" because there have been a few.  Of course you know about potty training...that's gone GREAT!  They're even waking up to go potty in the night if they need to (with some help from Mama).  They don't sit in their high chairs anymore because we ended up buying another eating table.  Our other one was way too tall for us to feel comfortable with them getting up and down in the chairs.  So now they have their own chairs at our family table. =)  I also cleaned out some toys that were really just taking up a whole lot of space.  They haven't even missed them.  Because of the whole having trouble getting them to lay down in their beds thing (they were also starting to climb out).  We decided to turn their cribs into toddler beds.  This was SO exciting! ! !  We end up laying in the floor beside them until they fall asleep and they've been sleeping through the night again.  Maybe it doesn't sound like a whole lot of crazy, but OHMY, living through it with little sleep was a whole lot of crazy!  =)

Saylor telling Daddy "You so beautiful!"

Charlee LOVES loving on Saylor,but this is Saylor's reaction when she's had enough!

Sweet Saylor Mac!  Pretty girl!

Watching Veggie Tales on our little dvd player we keep in our bathroom.

Sitting at our new table.


This was one of those days that Charlee felt horrible.  Our girls do not fall asleep like this. Mainly because there's always been somebody else to not let them.   I knew just how bad she felt when this happened.

All dolled up!

Sleepy Charlee Belle in her new bed!

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