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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Party, Party!!

I think Charlee and Saylor had a FABULOUS 1st birthday party!! We have the GREATEST family and friends! Thank you to everybody who came to the party. I hope you all had a good time.

The girls hats and diaper covers.

Charlee getting ready...

Saylor getting ready, too...

The girls making their grand entrance!

Heather and Will

Mimi G and Kensley

Julie and Will

Town Creek and Big

Emily and Trey with Saylor and me

CUPCAKES!! Papa made the stand...I made the cupcakes

Grandma and Nana


Pretty Birthday Girl

Saylor, the other pretty birthday girl

Bailey and Laura

Aunt Abbie, Uncle Wendell and Uncle Ray

Our Princess' Castle


Pops and Mimi G's 2009 new editions...minus Charlee

Aunt Kay, Kaden and Mimi G

Tillman and Uncle Stacy

The party crowd

Aunt Tiff Tiff and Addyson

Aunt Tracy, Uncle Brian, Meme, and Granny...I LOVE this picture!

Ian, Willa and Uncle Zac

THE CAKES!! I think they turned out pretty good to be finished at 1 a.m. =) Thank you Brent for all your help!!!

Saylor opening her presents and reading her favorite card...it had a mirror in it =) (great card Grandma!)

Charlee opening her presents

OH BOY!!! The girls in their cars...they acted surprised!

Charlee right before the hat came off for good

Happy Birthday sweet girl!

Saylor LOVED her cake! Happy Birthday precious girl!

Momma LOVED Saylor's cake, too!!


Game time!

They loved the jumpy castle!

Partied out! What a day!

Playing with our toys

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