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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Homecoming and Happy Birthday, Aunt Mandy!!

On Friday, we took the girls to all the Lexington homecoming festivities. They had a great time at the parade and the game. They did a lot better than we expected at the game, but we still left after halftime. They LOVED dancing to the music from the band!! Saturday, we "watched" the Alabama game and ate popsicles. =) Today (Sunday), we celebrated my sweet sister, Mandy's, "21st" birthday. We went to Meme and Papa's house and ate DELICIOUS lasagna!!! and birthday cake (Willa says Happy Cake!) We got to see Meme and Papa, Cameron and Dylan, Brian, Tracy, Brooklyn, Braxton, Mandy, Zac, Ian and Willa! When we got home we had the best visit with Pops and Mimi G!!! Then, Big came over to help us with baths and to play. What a GREAT weekend!!!!

The girls getting the parade started.

There's Cameron!! 2nd from the left.

Saylor cheering on the Bears!

Charlee and Papa

Watching Daddy cut the grass and waiting on the Tide to ROLL!!

AWE! They're sharing! =)

Charlee could NOT keep her tongue in her mouth! It was the funniest thing!


More, please!

My latest attempt...Mandy's birthday cake...I've honestly started dreaming about cakes!

The Birthday Girl!!

Saylor thought it was good...

This is just about all that Charlee wanted. She just doesn't like it!


  1. Love the cake and the diaper covers!! Did you know hobby lobby offers free cake decorating classes?? As if you have time :)- I think they are only once a month????

  2. Is Charlee's hair getting curly???

  3. Tiffany - I've wanted to take classes there forever...I need to check into it.
    Laura - Charlee's hair gets curlier everyday! =)

  4. Your cakes look great! Feel free to fix me a cake anytime! I have a HUGE sweet tooth you know. I miss the girls so much...gonna try to come by soon!