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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday!!

Today our baby girls are one!! This has been the most incredibly amazing year of our lives... so far! and the FASTEST!!! I know as they get older each year will fly by more quickly. It's all bittersweet! These girls have grown up in a hurry. I've been so lucky to have been able to watch them learn and grow and see their firsts...walking, talking, sitting, crawling, tears and giggles. Brent and I have learned the true meaning of love with these two sweet angels. It's undeniable and if we didn't believe in love at first sight before, one year ago today we were head over heals in LOVE with our bundles of joy. So much happened that made us all a little stronger, but Saylor definetely gets the medal of honor for the first year. Bless her heart, she went through things that would've made grown men cry like a baby, but she proved just how tough she really is. God has BIG plans for both our girls. They are the most precious miracles. I thank God everyday for our sweet blessings!

The girls in their birthday cozy coupes. We gave them to them just a little bit early, but they're supposed to act surprised at the party! =)

Meme and Papa came by to wish the girls a happy birthday and help set up for the party.

Giddy up, Charlee!

Charlee walking...


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLEE & SAYLOR!! Danielle, I had plans to come by there today and I got a call from work that kept me away!! Hopefully I can come one day next week, if that's ok!! The girls have grown soooooo fast!! They are both beautiful & I love being able to keep up with all of their sweet moments on here!! I am so proud for you & Brent!!! Love You!!!