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Friday, June 11, 2010

Meme & Papa's, Cardiologist, and Christmas in June...OH MY!!!

Yesterday and today have been pretty busy for the Green girls. We went to see Meme and Papa yesterday before they left for the east coast for a month. We had a really great day, but we're going to miss them like crazy!! Today, Brent took off work so he could go with us to Saylor's last check up with her cardiologist, Dr. Israel, in Huntsville. She had to have an ultrasound and EKG of her heart. He looked at her when we walked in and told us to go ahead and take her shirt off and we'll see if we can get anything. Meaning, here's a 9 month old who's not going to lay still and this EKG will take FOREVER!!! Well, well, Miss Saylor proved him wrong!! You should've seen her...she laid there the ENTIRE time with her hands above her head and didn't move a muscle! We were 2 VERY PROUD parents! :) Dr. Israel was quite surprised and told her she got the ALL STAR OF THE YEAR award! But, she was also very healthy and he saw no problems with her heart. Everything had corrected itself as she's grown. YAY!!! He told us we were very sweet people but to never come back...VERY PROUD again! :) After her appointment we headed to Toys R Us because the girls really needed some new toys. The poor things are getting so bored :) So we got a few things and their Daddy put them together for them when we got home. 2 GREAT days back-to-back!

Look at Saylor's feet...she just needs her tutu.

Ava was behind me getting them to laugh.

The girls sitting with Cameron.

We were all kinda squinty-eyed...just a swingin'.


I think she likes it!

Petting her lion riding toy.

We loved this picture of the girls...pay no attention to me.

Ready to run...


  1. I am soooo happy Saylor got such great news!!! I love all of the pictures (including the one with you & the girls) & reading all about the girls!! You do such a wonderful job on the blog!! Keep up the good work!! Love ya girl!!!

  2. I love, love all of the pictures!! I wish we could see you guys more!! Uncle Brian works 7 days a week so it's so hard!! The girls are getting so big and prettier every day!!!