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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Momma's 32!!

I had the best birthday ever!!  It started with our 8th annual Women's Weekend at Rane Bay.  I always look so forward to seeing all these ladies. 
Sunday, on my birthday, when the girls got up I took them over to meet everybody.  They were excited to get to go to Women's Weekend!! :)    Then, we had a quiet(?) day at home and Brent grilled steaks for us and only Charlee, Saylor and me had "little" cake. 

Charlee "cutting" Saylor's hair.  I LOVE THIS!!

We've sold our trampoline...these next two pictures are why.  The people are coming to pick it up on Friday.

Singing and dancing in my high heels in their favorite spot.  :)

THE CAKE for Women's Weekend!

THE LADIES...and baby Thomas(2nd row, 4 1/2 from the left)   =)


The inside!

My  32nd Birthday!!

Charlee helping me blow out my candles on my cake!!!  I think Brent out did himself on this one.  ;)  It honestly couldn't have been more perfect!!

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