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Saturday, August 25, 2012

A little of this, A lot of that...

Since my last post we've had a LOT going on.  We got to have one fun day at Tillman's house with our cousins, then the girls got a terrible fever virus and then I still had to finish getting my classroom ready before school started.  It all came together - somehow - and I've started school and Tracy's back to keeping the girls for us during the day.
 I had an interesting first week of school.  I love Lauderdale County!  It's a whole wide world of difference from little bitty Underwood.  I and our 75 fourth graders are all getting adjusted to starting a new year and changing classes for the first time ever.  At first it was nothing but chaos over and over,but we're slowly working all the kinks out.  But, I must say that 4th grade may be a little bit too young to start changing classes.  We'll see.....  On the first day, I will say that I probably received the BEST, ULTIMATE compliment ever given to a teacher...My kiddos were getting lined up for pe and one of my boys came up to me and said "You're so much fun, I don't even want to go to pe!".  SWEET BOY!!  I was proud, but thinking - this is just the first day, my dear, let's hope you don't change your mind. 
I have been incredibly exhausted all week and the girls haven't slept well AT ALL!  But, at least I don't have such a long drive anymore. 
We've made a pretty big decision for the girls - we've decided to start them at Mars Hill Preschool in January.  We've been given the chance for them to start earlier than planned and we just can't pass it up.  It all boils down to them being the YOUNGEST in their class when they start kindergarten.  The cut off date for entering school is their birthday, September 2nd.  I want to make sure they have enough time just adjust to the social aspect of school.  I feel like the academics will come, but we need to make sure they're ready for the social and structured side of it.  I know they'll do great!  Of course, it's going to be a huge adjustment for us all to get up and get ready and out the door on time, but they've been very lucky to have been able to be in their own home for 3 years.  It's just time. 
One of Our final days of summer spent at  Tillman's house.

Charlee paying some bills...

Wearing her Plex backpack and shoes that are 3 sizes too small.

Saylor all dressed up with her camo hat on.  :)

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