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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Getting ready for our birthday!!

We started our week with my good friend, Emily's baby girl, Hadley!  She is PRECIOUS!!!  Charlee and Saylor loved getting to see her and play with her.  It did me lots of good getting to visit with Emily.  We started at Underwood together and I'll miss her so much!!!!

 We're getting ready for our 3rd birthday party.  They finally decided on a Yo Gabba Gabba party.  At one point Charlee wanted a Shirley Temple party.  This was a huge decision for our two girls!  :)  I've decided to do picture invitations this year and just order them...I thought I'd always just make them, but I've got so much going on right now with trying to get my classroom ready I just can't do them.  SO, I decided to do my own photo shoot and attempt to get the perfect picture...I ended up with two really sweet ones...they're not on here.  I thought I'd wait and let you see the finished product when you get your invitations.  These are probably on a fourth of what I took.  Looking back at these also made me realize how much Charlee and Saylor are really starting to look like big girls!  SO BITTERSWEET!!  ENJOY the silliness!!!!

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