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Monday, July 16, 2012

Changes for Momma and Birthday Parties!

Well, I'm a little late in announcing this on here but I've been transferred to Lauderdale County High School!!  I'll be teaching 4th grade!  At first they put me in 3rd, but changed their minds.  I couldn't be more excited!  This year, they've decided to departmentalize the 4th grade so the kiddos will be changing classes for the first time.  We'll teach our own Reading and Language Arts,but I will teach all the Science!  This makes me VERY happy!  I cannot wait to get started!  This also decided where Charlee and Saylor would be going to school.  We're Tigers, Y'all!  :)

We had a busy Saturday full of birthday parties.  Jordyn and Addyson's was in the morning and Dylan's was that afternoon.  GOOD TIMES!!!

Jordyn's 4th Birthday
Addyson's 2nd Birthday
at Forest Jumps!!

Dylan's 10th Birthday at MeMe and Papa's!!

ONE MORE CHANGE FOR ME>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Eleven years ago when Brent proposed to me he gave me an unbelievably beautiful ring!  He knew at the time that I wanted silver, but he really wanted our rings to match and he wanted gold, so that's what I got.  I've LOVED my ring, and any time he's mentioned changing it I've always said no because I'm so sentimental about things and that's the ring he wanted me to have.  But I think he's figured out that I don't wear anything gold.  Well, last night he gave me my NEW ring!!!!!!!!  HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY/ANNIVERSARY TO ME!!!  It's still my diamonds, but now they're in a platinum setting with a matching band.  I LOVE it! 

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  1. what a wonderful post!! the new job will be perfect for you and the girls. LOVE the new ring too!!