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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Humpty and Dumpty

The past week has given us some bumps and bruises, to say the least...  Our house is built on a slab and the wood floors are nothing but concrete underneath.  So, when you fall, there's zero cushion.  Remember all those soft letter tiles we used to have covering our living room floor???  We needed them this week.  Last week Charlee got in our bed and I didn't know it...until...she was screaming and crying in the floor.  She had rolled off our bed.  Her mouth and nose were bleeding and she was just overall pitiful.  As the day went on she would tell me every once in a while that her cheek hurt and it kept looking more and more swollen.  So I took her to the doctor and they sent her to ECM for x-rays.  Luckily, everything checked out great. 
Then, this Monday, Saylor was dancing in the living room and fell.  She landed directly on the right side of her mouth.  It was awful!!  Her little lip was so swollen and her teeth and gums just kept looking worse.  Right after it happened she just couldn't stop crying and she would say "I can't talk. " and "I can't dance!"  So pitiful!!  The doctor's office said that we needed to take her to a dentist to have everything checked out.  Brent took her to his dentist and she checked out ok, too.  She has to go back on Thursday just to make sure everything's still ok.  Hopefully, all will be well.
But, other than all that, we've been having the best time this summer!  Most every night we go to Jordyn and Addyson's to play and some of the other kiddos in the neighborhood come over too.  I love to see the girls making friends and learning to play and share. 

Here are a few pictures of the sweetest girls in the world!  :)

We went to our new neighbor, Luke's, birthday party and got these train conductor hats.  It was such a cute party!  They got train whistles, too.

Following Daddy around like a train!  CHOO, CHOO!!

Penguin walking with Daddy.

NOTICE THEIR SHIRTS!!??!!  Charlee WANTED to wear the "little sister" shirt.  :)

One of the hottest days of the summer.  Frying an egg on our newly paved road!

And yes, even though we've had the hottest summer we've had in years I've been in a sweatshirt almost everyday when we've been inside.  SOOOO, the girls HAD to get their sweatshirts on too.  SILLY GIRLS!

The girls LOVE to get my shoes out and walk around in them.  I thought this was precious of Saylor wearing her Dora bandaids and my red high heels!  :)

Here's a picture of Charlee's face the day she fell off the bed.  You can't tell much, but I think you can tell it's swollen on her right side.  :(

Nothing stops them from dancing, though!!!

They're able to pick each other up now.  We don't like them doing this, but I decided to give them a pass to let me get a picture.

Saylor's poor lip!  The picture doesn't really even show how bad it is...

All the stickers she got from the dentist!  :)

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