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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011 and Daddy's 32nd Birthday!

We had an awesome Thanksgiving!  Mainly because we have SO MUCH to be thankful for...our cup runneth over.  =)  Tiffany's mom, Angela, got to come home!!!  She's going to stay with Corey and Tiffany for as long as she needs to.  We're so glad she's going to be ok. 
On Thanksgiving day we went to Meme and Papa's for lunch came home to take a nap then ate dinner with Big.  Then, Tracy was able to come watch the girls for us on Friday so went shopping.  We went to Huntsville and it really wasn't bad at all.  I think all the crazies came out the night before.  But, we met up with Santa and let him know the girls' Christmas list.  I AM SO EXCITED! ! !
Saturday was Brent's 32nd birthday.  I made him a cake, but I didn't make my own icing for this one.  He told me not to, but it felt strange not doing it for him.  All in all, we had a GREAT Thanksgiving/Birthday weekend.  It just went by in a FLASH! ! !

Charlee at Big's house

Don't touch........

Baby doll table

Helping Daddy open his gift from Big.

Reading Daddy's cards to him.

Can you say TWINS?  LOVE!

Singing Happy Birthday!

We got to blow out his candles twice!

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