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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Princess Haircuts

Finally, the girls got their very first haircut! ! !  They did an AMAZING job!  Brent and I were beaming walking out of there.  We were so proud of how well they both did!  We've been talking about haircuts for awhile now and telling them that they're going to get "Princess Haircuts" with Mrs. Ann.  Thanks to Laura, Ann's been cutting my hair since I was 16!  I went first so the girls could see that it was fun and all going to be ok...she cut about 5 inches off my hair.  So, then Saylor went and then Charlee.  Saylor got more cut...mostly her pretty little mullet. =)  Charlee just got a good trim.  So, then we came home, ate lunch, took naps, and went shopping and ate at Demos'.  It was the first time us girls had been there.  A lady even came over to compliment the girls on how well behaved they were.  Once again, we were beaming!  =)  Such a great day!  Such sweet memories!

I was trying to get some 'before' pictures of their hair.  As you can tell, Charlee loves posing for the camera.

Charlee's before

Saylor's before..

Saylor getting ready.

Charlee getting ready.

She saw me getting my hair washed and thought she was supposed to lay down to get her hair cut.  It was too cute!

Saylor's after!

Charlee's after!

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