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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Party and Fun!

We've had a wonderful weekend!  We did pretty good at the yard sale, but I think we'll skip a year or two before we do another one.  Last night we got to go to Bailey's birthday party in Rane Bay.  We had the MOST FUN!!!  A night at the Newbern's is ALWAYS a night to remember!!  I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!  Laura cooked the best chicken casserole and green bean casserole...and I fixed Charlee the best pb&j...little stinker!   

OH ME!!!

 Charlee's saying her baby's night night prayer...AMEN.

 Bailey opening her presents and the girls playing with them.

The Birthday Girl!  I can't believe she's 4!!!

Trying to get a picture of our girls...


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  1. The pictures of the girls make me giggle. Bailey was so done and your girls just wanted to keep playing. Bailey was in bed less than 30 minutes after you left. Being 4 is tough work.