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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

We are family...

The girls are always playing together, but lately they've stepped it up a notch and started figuring out new games or more silly ways to be with each other.  I LOVE watching all this happen and how they discover something new with each other and then they'll  just laugh and laugh and laugh.  It's another one of those things that make it A LOT more fun to have 2 at a time.  =)

Watching Daddy blow bubbles with his bubble gum.  This was TOO CUTE!!


 Feeding each other goldfish.

 Since John is still in town I decided to have all of us brothers and sisters get together at our house on Monday.  This is something we've never done in the past 21 years.  Of course we've all been together at the same place at the same time, but we've never just eaten a meal with just us without our parents and I was so excited to have all of our families together.  I was beyond disappointed when Brian didn't show up with Tracy and Braxton.  =(  BUT, everybody else was here and that's all that mattered!   We had one of the best days and so did our kiddos!  =)

The big kids having a picnic on a tablecloth in the living room.

How sweet!!  Braxton and Ian pushing their little cousins. 

Willa's a big girl!

Braxton having fun with his Mama!

Ava taking orders for dessert.

Of course we had CAKE!

and Saylor LOVED it.  Charlee, not so much!

After Charlee and Saylor layed down for their nap we all piled up and watched "The Little Mermaid"!

and THEN the big girls put on a fashion show that should've been in NYC!  IT WAS FABULOUS!!

Then we took some more sweet pictures...

Later that night....our little bag ladies.  =)


  1. How fun!!! We have TONS of fashion shows in Rane Bay. We had to implement a rule though - abosolutely, under NO circumstances WHATSOEVER, will there EVER in a million years be ANY judging. The fashion shows somehow fall completely apart as soon as you try to declare a winner.

  2. Does Brent have on PINK underwear? Hope they weren't thongs too?!?!
    heeheehee ;)