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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Our little girls are getting bigger everyday

For the LOOONNNGGGEST time I've known that Charlee and Saylor needed to be laid down in their beds at night and go to sleep on their own.  They've been held, rocked, snuggled and lullabied for the past 21 months.  So, last Tuesday night I decided that it was time to try putting them in their beds and letting them fall asleep on their own.  Some of you may be thinking "what's the big deal? just lay them down and they'll go to sleep.  maybe you should've done that from the beginning."  Maybe so, but after Saylor gave us the scare of our lives at 8 weeks and had to be put on an apnea monitor our whole thought process changed.  Even though I still go back to that place quite often, even if they sleep later in the morning than normally, I always think the absolute worst.  I know Brent does too.  I'll never forget seeing Saylor that way and I'd give anything if I could get that image out of my head.  But in saying all this, we know they are perfectly healthy and they will be fine.  They've been laying down on their own for naps for about 4 months so I knew they'd be able to do it at nighttime.  The only difference is the dark.  WELL, since last Tuesday they have both fallen asleep in their beds all by themselves!!!!  I'm so proud!!  The first 3 nights were, of course, the worst, but the past 3 nights there's been ZERO crying!  This is such a big step for all of us and I'm so happy that we've gone ahead and done, but I knew it was time.

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  1. Every kid has their own time table. Sometimes it takes a little push from mommy, but mommy always knows when its time to push. Your girls are PERFECT!