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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Welcoming Addyson & Hanging Out

Addyson got to come home on Friday and the girls couldn't wait to go meet her! :) We took a wagon ride to her house. Brent and I didn't get a chance to hold her because neither girl would let Uncle Corey hold them and they were everywhere playing with Jordyn's toys. She's doing great, though and is sooo beautiful! She looks so much like Jordyn when he was born. (much more alike than Charlee and Saylor :) .) Overall, we had a GREAT weekend!! Pops came by on Saturday and the girls had lots of fun with him. Charlee is still walking, not much, but she's going. I'm working on their birthday invitations and decorations. I still have to start on their tutus for pictures, but I'll get to it eventually. and...Meme, Papa, Cameron, and Dylan are back home!! We hope we get to see them in the morning! :)

Aunt Tiffany and Saylor. Saylor loves her!! :)

Sweet Addyson...she's so tiny! 7 lbs. 2 oz and 21 in.

Pretty girl!

On our way back home...

Jordyn riding on the lawn mower with Big. Such a cutie!!

The girls playing in the clothes basket.

Saylor cooling down with a popsicle...yummy!

It's so cold! Can we please get out of here!?!?

Look at all those teeth!!! She has 8!! Saylor has 4!

Big with her Sweeties!

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