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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Last week at the Green house...

It's been a pretty big week for us. Charlee successfully cried-it-out!! Brent was out of town, so Mama decided to come spend those nights he was away to help us get through the "boot camp". Charlee did an AMAZING job!! She didn't cry like I thought she would and never got to the point of some of the horror stories I've heard. We couldn't have done it without Meme's help! I'm so grateful she was able to help us all through. Both girls are now holding their own bottles now, too. This helps out so much! But, next month I'm gonna start to transition to only sippy cups since they'll be starting whole milk. Let's hope they're ready to give it up. We're also trying a lot more "real" food. Saylor does better than Charlee, but for some reason I think Charlee's gonna be a little bit like me as a kid and be pretty picky...hmmmm! I guess that's what I get. We also took the girls out to eat in a restaurant for the first time ever! My parents called on Friday to see if we wanted to go eat with them and we did. We went to Stanfield's with Meme, Papa, Cameron and Dylan. The girls did soooo good! We really should've done that one a long, long time ago!!! They also got new sapphire earrings on Friday. We put them in before we went to eat. Brent was giving baths later that night and noticed that Charlee was missing one of the backs. We searched and searched but it was nowhere to be found. He went Saturday and just bought all new ones so they'll hold on better. Earring backs are not cheap! We're just lucky we didn't lose the whole earring! All in all, it was a week that I'll never forget (hopefully! my brain sure isn't what it used to be. ha!)

Holding their bottles and watching t.v.

Little Miss Potato Head

Look at Saylor's hair!

Charlee LOVES this giraffe! She hugs and kisses it all the time!

Me and my girls

mmmmm, that's good stuff!

Gimme a kiss, sister!

Beating on the table at Stanfield's.

eating a lemon...they both really liked it!


so, so good

Our first time out! Thanks again Meme and Papa!!! We had fun!!

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