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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Charlee, Saylor,and Friends

We had lots of visitors today! Some of my very favorite people came by...Robin, Lauren, and sweet Sawyer Shelton. Alisha, cute Caleb, and sweet Elizabeth Crunk. AND Charlee took her first steps...what a GREAT day at the Green house!!!

Robin and Sawyer playing with the girls.

Oh no!! Look out Sawyer! Saylor looks sooo excited and sounded thrilled! I think she's happy because she's not the one in the head lock!! I wish I had all this on video!

Poor, poor Sawyer...

Elizabeth and Charlee (Saylor slept through most of this visit). Charlee is such a camera hog! I think I may have a little something to do with that! :) A girl must always be ready for her close up!

Soooo sweet! Elizabeth has just started walking and by the time she left today she had walked from the living room to the kitchen! She was showing the girls how it's done! :)

Charlee has to help out when anybody's trying to jump in the jumperoo!

This is how the girls ended up after all our company was gone. Life is good with a sister by your side!

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