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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Catching Up...

We've had lots of excitement since my last post.  Poor Saylor got 4 stitches in her chin.  She was supposed to be putting her hair brush back in the drawer and was taking longer than she needed to.  Meanwhile, Diego was on and Charlee and I noticed that he didn't have a shirt on....SO, Charlee yells to Saylor to hurry up and come look because Diego didn't have on a shirt.  I see Saylor come out of the bathroom and go air born and land right on her chin.  It was awful!!  I found out that she was taking so long putting her brush up because she had gotten out the water bottle that I use to wet their hair sometimes.  She had been spraying it into the air and of course it was all in the floor.  She was traumatized getting the stitches in.  But, it was pretty bad.  She looks great now.  Hopefully, her scar won't be too bad and it's in a place that's really hard to see.

This is how the girls watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  Wearing their little hats.

 Helping with the Christmas tree.  It's going to be a fun Christmas!!

Decorating Daddy's birthday cake!!  This was the MOST fun!! 

 Brent helped Saylor out with the polka dots.  :)

So, Sister, whatcha think??

Brent got my crowns down from the attic this past weekend.  They're from being Homecoming Queen and Miss LHS.  Seeing my sweet girls wear my crowns was a pretty proud moment for me!!  :) 

 The girls made dinner for us last weekend.  Homemade pizzas.  YUM!!

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