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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Let the Summer Fun Begin!!!

We honestly haven't done anything out-of-this-world exciting yet, but we're loving everyday!  And the fact that we have nothing to do, but can do anything we want is just the BEST!  We kicked off summer by having a campfire and doing smores on Memorial Day at Jordyn and Addyson's house.  We've gone swimming in our little pool at our house and at Big's big pool at her house.  The little pool was more fun for them.  :) 
On a not so fun note, I ended up having a sinus infection that caused so much pressure in my right ear it was just excrutiating.!.!  It started last Tuesday and I went to the doctor on Thursday and I'm just now able to touch my ear (on Sunday) without there being any pain.  CRAZY! 
But, other than all that, summer is off to an awesome start and I know it's gonna fly by.  I'm just gonna soak up every split second with these girls and Brent before I have to head back to school.

Silly Green Girls

 Practicing their roasting techniques.


 WE LOVE OUR POOL!  We had this last year and they hated it!  :)  What a difference a year can make.

 One of my new favorite pictures.

 They were dancing and twirling together and had just had a crash landing.  THEY thought it was the funniest thing ever!

Dancing with sweet Woody.

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