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Friday, April 20, 2012

These are the days of our lives......

Over the past couple of weeks the girls have been to the doctor's office a few times.  Poor Saylor just couldn't get rid of her croupy cough and she was having such a hard time sleeping because of  it.  She had 6 doses of steroids and antibiotics and nothing was helping.  SO, Dr. Crenshaw decided it was time for a nebulizer at home.  For the next 5 months or so, Saylor gets to have a breathing treatment everyday and if she starts to get a cough then we'll do it 3 or 4 times a day until she's better.  She really didn't like the treatment at first but now, 4 days later, she asks to do it.  =)  Charlee tells her how great she's doing while she does her treatment.  Charlee got a really bad blistered bump on her side on Wednesday.  We were afraid it was the beginning of chicken pox.  Brent took her to the doctor on Thursday morning and it turns out it was more than likely an ant bite.  Thank goodness for NO chicken pox.  Other than doctors' visits, these two cuties are just as wild and sweet and loving as two toddlers can be.  They take the best care of each other.  I sure do hope this lasts for the rest of their lives. 

All dressed up!  This was the day we found out that Laura and Brandon are having a sweet baby BOY! ! !

 Saylor came in with this sheet wrapped around and said "I'm an angel".  Of course she is!

 Eating our first snow cones with our new snow cone maker! ! !

 Saylor being sweet Saylor.  =)

Check out our new shades!

 Charlee checking out the new Toys R Us ad while Saylor gets her first breathing treatment.

 Poor Saylor......

 Charlee's Happy!

 Saylor's 2nd treatment...oh so much better!

 Charlee's ant bite.  =(

Treatment #3...all good.  She's sporting a band-aid, just because.  We sometimes get a little dramatic when we get boo boo's.  A band-aid and a kiss can make a world of difference.

 Dog pile in Saylor's bed!


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  1. The breathing treatment picture is pitiful! The look on her face breaks my heart.