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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Weekend 2012

This Easter was our best one yet with the girls.  They really got into hunting Easter eggs and dying them.  It was also their first one spent in church.  :)  We went with Pops and Mimi G.  The girls did great and it was such a good feeling being together like that.  After church we came home and got changed and headed to Meme and Papa's house for lunch and our egg hunt.  Saylor found the prize egg!  After Meme and Papa's we headed to Big's for more food and another egg hunt.  Saylor found the prize egg at Big's house, too! ! !  She's a little lucky charm! 

One of the girls' favorite books is this pictionary for children.  I snuck up on them to catch this picture.

Getting ready to dye our eggs!

 Easter baskets and surprises!!

The Easter Bunny even brought panties!! WOO HOO!!!

Taking a peek outside to see if the Easter Bunny left anything else for them outside.

 HE DID!!!!  I can't wait to have LOTS of picnics out here this Summer!

All dressed up!

 Charlee loving on Tillman.

 339 eggs with $70 of prize money!!!

 No peeking while Meme hides the eggs...yeah right!  Tillman says, "Here, girls, let me get the door for you."  =)


 Big's sweeties!

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