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Monday, August 9, 2010

Change is Good!

Over the past week the girls have had some pretty big changes...First, they've started drinking whole milk! I've gradually introduced it. It seems to bother their bellies at night, so we've not gotten good and asleep until about 11 p.m. most nights due to toots and burps. :) We also got new stroller seats and car seats!! We went with the Britax Boulevard and the girls seem like they're going to enjoy them. They've also starting eating LOTS of new foods. Real foods! I think their favorites are mac n cheese and pancakes. The clock is ticking down to their first birthday...way to fast!!

Charlee with Dylan's hat on.

Saylor in Dylan's hat.

Their last time in their old carseats.

Brent putting Charlee in her new seat.

Papa strapping Saylor in.

Charlee wasn't a happy camper, but she fell fast asleep on the ride home.

ROLL TIDE Daddy!!!!!

Charlee making her new favorite face. She does on cue!

The girls with Mimi G.

Pops and his little angels!


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