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Monday, August 16, 2010

Birthdays and Party Prep

Over the weekend we really tried to get a jumpstart on the girls' birthday party preparations. We made their tutus, practiced cakes, and sent out their invitations. LOTS of teamwork! Brent is the best Daddy!! =)

This is the first tutu we made. We did it on an elastic band and this is when the band broke!!!!!!!!!! We decided that doing them on ribbon was best.

Here's one of our practice cakes. We loved working with the fondant, but we've decided that regular decorating icing is probably gonna work best for the girls eating them. The fondant got kinda gummy when we ate it and it's really not too baby friendly.

Me and my girls! once again....POOR Saylor!

Pops with Charlee on his 60th birthday! Charlee gave him the best gift...letting him hold her! =)

Saylor and Pops

Look how HAPPY!!!

Wiggle, wiggle!! Big had just walked in and she wanted to go get her!

Pops, Will, and Charlee at Kensley's 1st birthday party. He's getting so big! Such a cutie!!

Pops and his girls! He just needed baby Addyson. Kensley was a beautiful birthday girl! She's walking soooo good! She had the sweetest Strawberry Shortcake party!


  1. Yummy!! sooo who is helping you eat all that yummy practice cake!

  2. I couldn't help but notice the PURPLE scissors!

  3. Surprised to see such amazing party preparations. Went for my neighbour’s painting exhibition at one of the awesome home studios NYC few weeks back. Got a warm welcome and inspiring collection was amazing. Bought two of them and also got a discount thereby. Liked the way of open displays with proper styles.