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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Getting caught up with the girls...

In the past week both girls have made some changes. Saylor has totally come out of her shell! She smiles so much now and it's absolutely precious, but she's also started screaming...so much! It's hilarious now, but when she's 13 it won't be so cute! Charlee will steal all the toys away from her and she'll just scream! Charlee does this a lot. I'm pretty sure it's a sign of things to come. But, the smiling is the sweetest thing ever!!! Charlee still smiles all the time but now she's started crying a lot too. It's those pitiful cries where her little bottom lip pokes out and everything. Eating is going really well with Charlee but Saylor...not so much. I struggle at 99% of our baby food feedings just to pry the spoon in her mouth. She sucks on her bottom lip so tight and I have to sing to her to get her to smile then she opens up just enough for me to cram in 3 or 4 spoonfuls. (I get some of the girls' best smiles when I sing to them...yes, I'm sure it's THAT funny!) Charlee is crawling everywhere...it's all backwards, but you should see her go. They're both sitting up...Charlee really well on her own, but Saylor has to be supported. There is no rhyme or reason to sleeping at night. Saylor...I have no complaints...Thank you, Saylor!! Charlee...just isn't sure how the whole night time thing works sometimes. It could be sooo much worse, though...so no complaints for Charlee either. We're just so thankful to have these beautiful baby girls and know that they're doing so well and are so healthy. I can't believe how fast they're already growing up. You'll probably get tired off hearing that from me...but, I JUST CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!

Check out Charlee's bed head...little Alfalfa!!

Saylor walking....she'll walk before she crawls! We were also playing dress up!!

We found out feet!!!

Aren't we the cutest girls you've ever seen??

Saylor and her Papa!

Charlee sitting up between Papa's feet.

Saylor makes bathtime easy for me...other than the cute kicking!!

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